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Infrastructure & Process


With our Indo-African presence and professional team in place, we can ensure the quick supply of high quality raw cashew nuts, which are fully dried and Un-Mixed. We efficiently manage every stage of Raw Cashew Nut from Farm to factory as we have;

  • Registered Office in Mumbai and Owned Warehouses in Vasai, Maharashtra.
  • Allied Channel offices / partner in every African country.
  • A Team of highly trained Quality Inspectors.
  • Quality Inspection toolkit and scientific equipments.
  • Drying Yards and Warehouses.
  • Packing, Stuffing and Loading team.
  • Transporters, Transistors and Best Shipping Lines.
  • Local Clearing agents in India.
  • Forwarding, Warehousing and Storage Facilities.
  • Logistics partner for timely distribution and delivery.


Our Raw Cashew Nuts is appreciated by customers India wide for their consistent quality. We undertake detail process at every stage from Farm to Factory.

Hand Picked naturally fallen raw cashews with 15-20% moisture are collected by the farmers.

  • Inspection: our passionate team of highly trained inspectors on site diligently check randomly selected raw cashew nuts in order to determine nut count and outturn.
  • Drying : Raw cashews are sun dried for 1-2 days until moisture level comes down to 6-8%.
  • Packing & Storage: Dried cashew nuts are packed in woven gunny sacks and stored in well ventilated rooms with giving enough space between stacks for air circulation.
  • Loading & Stuffing: Thoroughly inspected dry containers are loaded and stuffed with approx. 80 kg gunny bags containing dried raw cashew nuts. In line card boards and moisture bags are adequately placed to preserve and maintain quality of raw cashew nuts. Once loaded the said containers are fumigated, sealed and weighted at Weigh Bridge.
  • Shipping and Documentation: Our experience clearing house agents in Africa at loading port handles loading of goods with the best and fastest shipping line for timely delivery at best competitive rates.
  • Payment and Documentation: Our esteemed customers make payment as per agreed terms and conditions and takes over the ownership of goods.
  • Clearing and Forwarding: Indian Custom House Agents takes care of all procedures for clearing of goods at in time. Our CHA at JNPT Port, new Managalore Port, Visaz port manage clearance and forwarding of goods to the destined factories.
  • Quality Assurance: Depending on terms and conditions for quality of raw cashew nuts third party inspectors from SGS company and RBS agency withdrawn random samples and send quality and weight certificates as per requirements.

Finally we complete the cycle from farm to factory in a systematic manner!

No Child Labor

no-child-laborAccording to research conducted by ChildRight and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), an estimated 20,000 children are engaged in cashew nut processing in India alone. However, we being socially responsible company undertake business practices which is completely in favor of educating child labor and hence we are against employing child labor.

Healthy Men at Work

healthy-menAll the employees are regularly checked by local physicians / doctors who ensures that we employ only healthy people at work. This ensrues that goods are processed under healthy and Hygienic environment

Our Certifications