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Pieces - 2 Half Cashews - JH

Pieces Cashews - 2 Half Cashews - JH

Perfect Shaped 2 Piece Cashews know as JH Cashews are ideally preferred for garnishing exotic food and exclusive sweets. Highly in demand from Hotel Industry and Sweet Shops these cashews are also stored in every kitchen for daily use. Specifically in demand by Jain Community people who buy to serve their Saints / Guru Maharaj at specific time. Simply crispy and tasty nuts packed in air tight containers perfectly sealed to preserve original taste.

Grade: JH
Net Weight: 500g
Packing: Jar Sealed with Aluminum foil
Price: Rs. 700/-
Key Ingredients: Plain Cashews

Terms and Conditions:
For Free Home delivery minimum order of 1 Kg and above.
Delivery available in Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra.
Subject to Availability of Stock.
All terms and conditions subjected to Mumbai Jurisdiction Only.

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No Child Labor

no-child-laborAccording to research conducted by ChildRight and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), an estimated 20,000 children are engaged in cashew nut processing in India alone. However, we being socially responsible company undertake business practices which is completely in favor of educating child labor and hence we are against employing child labor.

Healthy Men at Work

healthy-menAll the employees are regularly checked by local physicians / doctors who ensures that we employ only healthy people at work. This ensrues that goods are processed under healthy and Hygienic environment

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